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  • 1980
  • 1990
  • 2000
  • 2010
  • 2020
1980's - Founding & Growth
  • Feb 1983

    Established in Hayward, CA to import and distribute automotive parts with 100% investment by Halla Business Group.

  • Jan 1988

    Started to supply air-con dealer kit to Hyundai Motor America(HMA) on an OES basis.

  • Apr 1989

    Moved to Garden Grove, CA with more spacious warehouse.

  • 1983 ~ 1989

    Succeeded in securing major OE customers for rotating electricals(alternator/starter motor), manual rack & pinion, brake system, suspension(shock absorber & strut) in the industrial sectors such as Bobcat, Club Car, Mercury Marine, Nacco Material Handling, and etc.

1990's - Development
  • Jan 1992

    Became an APRA (Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association) member.

  • Jun 1992

    Doubled paid-in capital with Mando Corp. joined as a shareholder.

  • Jul 1992

    Signed an agreement with Hyundai Motor America(HMA) for the supply of remanufactured alternator and starter motor on an OES basis

  • Sep 1994

    Expanded OES remanufacturing program to power rack & pinion for Hyundai Motor America(HMA)

  • Aug 1997

    Made a formal Contract with Mando Corp. for the sole distribution of automotive parts to the North American market.

  • Dec 1998

    Changed to Halla¡¯s single ownership due to the spin-off of Mando Corp.

  • 1991 ~ 1999

    Expanded OEM business for the industrial fields(forklift, leisure, marine, heavy duty etc.), while successfully launched the OES remanufacturing program for Korean car makers(Hyundai, Kia) in the North America.

2000's - Second Leap, New Beginning
  • Feb 2003

    Successfully launched an OES remanufacturing program with alternator and starter for Kia Motor America(KMA)

  • Dec 2004

    Joined the Electrical Rebuilder¡¯s Association(ERA) in USA

  • Dec 2004

    Made an additional contract with Kia Motor America(KMA) to supply remanufactured A/C compressor on an OES basis.

  • Dec 2006

    Awarded a prize for ¡¯06 Valued Partner from Kia Motor America(KMA).

  • Jan 2007

    Made an agreement with Hyundai Motor America(HMA) to add up a/c compressor for an OES remanufacturing program.

  • Apr 2007

    Started remanufacturing program (Alternator, Starter, A/Con Compressor) for Kia Canada Inc. (KCI)

  • Mar 2008

    Affiliated with Mando Corp. and Meister Inc. under Halla Business Group

  • Aug 2008

    Newly penetrated a non-automotive area as part of diversification of business portfolio; started to supply fluid end modules for offshore oil & gas drilling pump.

2010's - Second Leap, New Beginning
  • May 2017

    Launched Tire & Wheel Module business in Union City California

  • Jan 2018

    Launched WD (Warehouse Distributor) Business

  • May 2018

    Joined APSG network (WD Buying Group)

  • Nov 2019

    Launched Tire & Wheel Module business in Shanghai China

2020's - Second Leap, New Beginning
  • Jan 2020

    Joined Alliance (WD Buying Group)

  • Jan 2020

    Launched DSM (Damper Spring Module)

  • Jul 2020

    Commenced Collision Industry Parts

  • Aug 2020

    Launched ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Products

  • Feb 2021

    Launched Tire & Wheel Module business in Berlin Germany

  • May 2021

    Launched PDC (Parking Distance Control)