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Welcome to HL Uriman Inc.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the HL Uriman website. As you navaigate our website, we HL Uriman Inc. hope to show you our dedication and determination to serve our valuable customers and suppliers.

Since its establishment in 1983, HL Uriman Inc. has been actively involved in import and distribution of automotive and industrial products in North and Latin American markets. Based in Brea, California, HL Uriman has great geographical advantage in terms of logistics with the ports in Southern California and the well-established logistic system which allows us to deliver our products to nearly everywhere in North America.

Our automotive and industrial parts field includes chassis and non-chassis parts such as alternators, starter motors, power steering gears, brake systems,AC motors,transaxle, HVAC, suspension, et cetera

In 1992, HL Uriman Inc. further expanded its business boundary by becoming and authorized local re-manufacturer of major automotive parts(i.e. alternators, starter motors, power steering rack & pinions, and AC compressors)to automobile manufacturer. What was a new frontier nearly two decades ago has steadily grown into our specialty and expertise,to the point that our factory for manufacturing car modules is under operation in San Francisco Bay Area.

In order to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers, we exert our utmost endeavors to introduce new products with competitive price and excellent quality, and to improve our products and services. We at HL Uriman Inc. are determined to not be satisfied with where we are, and hope to reach beyond the frontier of innovation by continuing to expand and improve our product line-up. We aim to achieve our goals all the while following our philosophy of integrity, so that we can build onto the history of trust HL Uriman Inc. has among its customers

We thank your support and persue to provide 100% satisfaction with our quality of products and services by working together with you.

President & Chief Executive Officer
HL Uriman Inc.