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Aftermarket Automotive

HL Uriman takes great pride in contributing to the development of the automotive industry in the North America by supplying a variety of quality products since 1983

Our well-organized sourcing network allows us to offer OE parts including late models available to meet market requirement and customersí» needs.

HL Uriman is second to none to supply OE quality parts for Korean car application in terms of product line-up and availability. Especially as for alternator and starter, our product coverage is very wide, ranging from domestic through import car applications

Our spacious warehouse of more than 42,000 sqare feet makes it possible to accommodate various products enough to cope with any market situation in a positive and flexible manner.

Aftermarket Automotive

Aftermarket Automotive

- Rotating Electricals(Alternator, Starter Motor)

- HVAC(A/C Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator,
  Heater Core, Radiator, Dryer, etc.)

- Power Rack & Pinion

- Brake Caliper

- Power Steering Pump

- BSD(Blind Spot Detector)

- Suspension(Shock Absorber & Strut)

- Master Cylinder & Booster

- Mass Air Flow Meter

- Motors (Wind Shield, Window Lifter, Power Seat etc.)

- DSM(Damper Spring Module)

- PDC (Parking Distance Control)


Warehouse Distributor(WD)

Warehouse Distributor(WD) Business is to provide OE parts for Korean applications under the HL Mando Brand to Warehouse Distributors in North America. As of today, we have over 20 sizable WDs as our customers and working to expand where we lack territory representation. Our goal for this year is to have over 35 sizable WDs as our customers


Visit HL Uriman WD business field web site íŠ

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What is buying group?

A group of businesses that buy together in large quantities to have more buying power and to work together for better terms. Buying group is also like safety blanket in the sense that the group watch out for the individual buyers and shops.